Look no further than our mini cosmetic mirrors, all fully branded with your company logo and contact info. This is an awesome way to promote your pharmacy, medical, healthcare or cosmetic brand! For America's lowest prices and fastest turnaround simply reach out to us using the form to your left or add items to your quote basket from within each product page to create a formal written quote, we will contact you to produce a completely free virtual sample of your items prior to production!

Promotional Mirrors Have Big Benefits

While it's possible to ask a friend or stranger whether your makeup looks okay or if there's any food stuck in your teeth, it can be very awkward. However, appearances matter, and in many cases, people's opinions of others are based on how they look. To make a good first impression, one must look good—and a compact mirror provides the ideal solution.

Custom Printed Mirrors are Useful for Businesses and Customers Alike

Custom-printed compacts and mirrors are inexpensive, portable, and very useful. Not only can they save people from the types of embarrassments listed above, they can provide entertainment when things get boring. With a makeup mirror in hand, you can catch the sun's rays and send messages in Morse code—which can come in handy if you get stranded.

While customers have many uses for Promotional mirrors, they're even more beneficial to businesses. They are a great advertising platform because of their flat, small shape and easy portability, but that's not the only benefit. If a business owner needs a pocket-size promotional tool, they are invited to check out the lids of some of our Branded cosmetic mirrors. These lids are an imprint space that can be covered with a company's bright, eye-catching logo or its contact information.

Can Companies of all Types Benefit From the Distribution of Promotional Mirrors?

You may be wondering what types of companies can get the biggest benefit from handing out these useful, stylish promotional items. Let's begin with the most obvious answers: hair salons, cosmetics companies, and other businesses that work with customers' physical appearances. It makes sense that a person will want to see the results of a facial or a new hairstyle, and promotional mirrors can make it easier for them to do just that. A pocket mirror is a thoughtful bonus to include with in-store and online purchases or to hand out at trade shows and events in the hopes of turning visitors into customers.

However, these mirrors are just as valuable to any company that works with commuters and travelers, such as a hotel or an out-of-state university. Temp agencies can benefit from the distribution of promotional mirrors, as they are already interested in helping applicants put their best face forward. Branded mirrors are an ideal way to launch a product or promote a brand at an initial trade show appearance. With custom mirrors, companies can help customers get a closer look at themselves and the company's brand.

Advertise on Mirrors and Help Customers at the Same Time

When companies offer Makeup mirrors as a promotional item, they can help customers work as brand ambassadors with every use. A compact mirror is great for quick makeup touch-ups, checking the teeth, or tidying stray hairs before an appointment. These mirrors make great promotional gifts for health fairs, women's events and fashion shows, and advertising a spa or salon with branded mirrors sends a relevant message to style-conscious customers. A custom compact mirror is an ideal addition to any woman's travel bag, purse, or briefcase, and touch-ups are just a few seconds away.

Take Advantage of the Popularity of Compact Mirrors

Travel and compact mirrors are some of our most popular promotional items, and there's a mirror for every occasion. With our low bulk pricing, we offer a selection that's classy, stylish, and practical enough to suit any occasion. Choose elegant compact mirrors in the round, square, or oval shapes for easy portability and a large imprint area. Our mirrors are made with quality and attention to detail, and some include a magnified mirror as well. In short, our mirrors are a great giveaway for businesses and a must-have accessory for customers.

The promotional items a business owner chooses should be reflective of the company's mission and brand. For those in the fashion, cosmetic, or beauty industries, compact mirrors can be an important way to add relevance to a marketing message. Consult our branding experts to have mirrors imprinted with your company's slogan, logo, or contact information. These mirrors are easy to carry, and they are a fine way to promote a company at work, at home, and on the go. Choose our compact mirrors for your next giveaway and help clients show their best face to the world.