Branded & Customized Lens & Screen Cleaning Cloths

Do you need a great promotional idea for tech and gadget enthusiasts? What about optical and eye care clients? Cleaning cloths manufactured from premium microfiber are a great promotional item idea for your customers. Give them a little cleaning kit complete with spray bottle and cleaning cloth, fully branded with your message and they will remember exactly where they got their glasses from. Or for the technology industry why not create a little tablet or iPad cleaning kit using our custom branded cloths and sprays! Get a quote now using the form to your left or add items to your quote basket and our site will automatically quote you a total.

Microfiber Promotional Cleaning Cloths Promote Your Brand

Promotional cleaning cloths can grab customers' attention and make them think of your company every time they are used. Microfiber cloths are a great promotional item to distribute because customers will enjoy having a cloth handy to clean device screens, eyeglasses, and much more. Any item that has glass or a screen will gather dust, which can be hard to remove without the proper cloth. A small, printed cleaning cloth is the ideal way to grab dust and get rid of it for good, and your customers will be grateful for the promotional cloths they receive.

The Benefits of Customized Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

One of the biggest benefits of our Branded cleaning cloths is that they can be used in various ways, and each time the customer uses them, they'll see the company's logo, brand, or contact information. For instance, if an optometrist chooses to give these promotional cloths to customers who buy eyeglasses, the customers will use the cleaning cloth for their glasses, as well as phones, tablets, and other items. It is highly likely that the customer will use the cloth every time they need to remove dust from a mobile device, computer monitor, or laptop screen. That's a tremendous amount of exposure for any company.

Every time the customer reaches for their promotional cleaning cloth, they will be reminded of the company and keep the brand in mind. When a customer needs the products and services the company provides, they will be more likely to come back because they will think of the goodwill and service they received the last time they visited.

Uses For Promo Printed Cleaning Cloths

Businesses of all sizes and types can benefit from the use of custom microfiber printed cloths. These small, handy promo items are ideal for optometrists' offices, sunglass vendors, electronics stores, cell phone sellers, phone repair shops, and other industries that sell products that can be cleaned with small hand cloths. Even if a company doesn't sell related products, these cloths can make great convention or trade show giveaways. Every person who receives a cloth can benefit by using it to clean phones, glasses, and other objects. These cloths make perfect promotional tools because they can be printed with the company's name, branding, logo, and contact information.

Custom Printing Options for Promotional Cleaning Cloths

If a business owner is interested in using a microfiber cloth as a promotional tool, they can choose printing colors that match the corporate logo and brand. We offer free design services and assistance, and our graphic design experts can help business owners put together a top-quality image or message to be printed directly onto the cleaning cloth.

All of our items are printed and branded in the most vibrant full colors. That means customers can get their choice of gradients, photographic images, and other items printed on the cloths. The ink we use does not run and does not affect the use of the microfiber cleaning cloth. That makes our cloths an ideal way to get things clean.

These screen and lens cleaning cloths can be printed in the buyer's choice of colors and shipped to destinations across the United States. If a business owner wants to learn more about their available options, we invite them to call us for ordering advice and assistance.

Use Microfiber Cleaning Cloths as a Branding Tool

Microfiber cloths have many uses in today's tech-driven world, and companies can easily leverage the opportunity to keep their names in front of customers. With Printed lens cloths, companies can spread the message about their products and services in a way that resonates with tech-savvy customers everywhere.