Promotional Branded Earbuds & Printed Earphones

Do you need a promotional product that will stay in hand for years to come? A good quality set of branded earbuds could be the product you have been looking for! With options for printed logos right onto the bud section of the item. We also have various options with volume adjusters and also voice control, we even have options available with bluetooth connectivity. Reach out to us today for a free virtual preview of these earbuds with your logo and branding along with a firm written quote and information on how to proceed with your order.

Why Should You Give Promotional Earbuds To Your Clients?

The process of promotion and marketing has taken a big leap over a period of time. A number of ways and a number of products are now being used for enhancing brand value through endorsement. The methods change with time so does the products and this is pretty obvious. But there is a product which has been successfully holding its popularity and acceptance for brand promotional purpose for quite some time now and the product is promotional earbuds.

Why is it a good marketing option?

The trend of promotional products changes every now and then. Products which used to be popular a couple of years ago, are completely obsolete by now. But earbuds are a big exception in this case. Here are some reasons why we prefer printed earbuds for promotion.

  • It is one of the finest and the most effective promotional items.
  • The best part is it is accessible to anyone.
  • The genre of music may vary with the age but the love for music is universal. People carry MP3 players wherever they go and this requires earbuds for sure.
  • This is a small item that needs hardly any hustle and bustle for carrying. It is easy to carry and maintain.

We at Promotional Products Center, specialize in high-end product promotion for trade shows, marketing events, corporate events etc. The custom printed earbuds are extremely popular among the people. Business owners love to see their company logo printed on the earbuds since this is a great medium of promotion. We make this job easy for them.

Why choose us

We are driven by rules which make us superior from others. We have an inventory of almost 5000 promotional products and everything is completely custom-made. There is no shortage of options and in any case, if you don’t find any item, we will create the item for you. Below here are some of our advantages:

a) Assisting customers is our commitment – We believe in assisting our customers by every possible means. No matter what your requirement is, we will make sure to have that done by our experts. We never let our customers down. 

b) In-house design team – Our in-house design team consists of product designers, 3d modeling specialists, print & press designers and marketing gurus. We take care of the entire process from the beginning till the end. 

c) Smooth production and delivery process – Almost all the products are manufactured in our own manufacturing unit which helps us monitoring all the steps for improved results.

And we are very particular about the delivery of products. We take all the necessary steps to determine that the products are delivered in time to our customers. We use air express like DHL, UPS, FEDEX etc.

Our commitment to you

A completely committed service is what we focus at. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that you get the service you require. Our dedication, our innovation and our passion towards the service has made us win thousands of hearts across the USA. We want to win your hearts to with our efficiency and with our vision. We would be really happy to be associated with your business and with your ideas.