Need a promo item that people will just keep on using day in and day out. Then look no further than promotional branded headphones and earbuds with your company's logo printed right onto the outer casing. Give these items as gifts, a corporate gift pack could contain headphones, a pen, usb drive in a printed tote bag with your branding and marketing brochures etc. Theres a LOT of possibility in these types of promotional gadgets so why wait? Just chat to us and we can assist you through the entire order process.

The most effective promotional products are those that get used. Many people today wear headphones for hours at a time, whether at work, at home, or when out and about. Promotional headphones that display a company's logo or the like can, therefore, make a major impression. With branding displayed prominently for all to see, they can deliver huge returns on investment. All our high-quality, customizable headphones make great gifts that recipients are always happy to wear.

A Range of Headphone Styles, Features, and Options

Not all headphones are created alike, even before our customization services come into play. Our selection of branded headphones includes models with a variety of features and options.

  • Bluetooth connectivity does away with cords, linking up in wireless fashion to a smartphone or other digital device. With built-in, rechargeable batteries, headphones of this kind can be especially convenient.
  • Secure, standard 3.5mm jacks are a longtime standard, guaranteeing compatibility across a huge range of devices. From modern, portable digital devices to older televisions and audio systems, a 3.5mm jack often makes for a great way to connect.
  • Bass-enhancing designs bring out the beats, making music more exciting and engaging. Some smartphones and other portable devices lack bass by default, and headphones that are designed to emphasize it can overcome this weakness.
  • Folding headphones are easy to pack up and transport, making it even more likely they'll be brought along for the day. While still fitting securely when in use, folding headphones deliver full-sized functionality in a package that can be made compact.
  • Built-in microphones partner with an earpiece to turn a smartphone into an even better device for communicating. Making and receiving calls becomes that much easier, putting your branding front and center more often.

Service, Pricing, and Quality That is Second to None

Every product we offer is designed to make building brand awareness easy and affordable. Our headphones are no exception. Custom branded headphones are so appealing and useful that they often make promotional goals a lot easier to achieve in their own right. Our services and policies combine to multiply this effect.

  • A free headphone mock-up makes it easy to visualize just what your own product could look like. Free of charge, our experienced designers can turn your digital logo file into a mock-up that shows how your branding will stand out.
  • Our price-beat policy means you can be sure of making the most of your investment. Branded headphones can cost a little more than certain other promotional items but deliver great value with their undeniable usefulness and long-term appeal. Our guaranteed-low prices make that even more the case.
  • In-house design, customization, and quality checking mean we control every step of the process for your benefit. We understand how important our work can be for our clients, and we proudly live up to that responsibility with everything we do.
  • Uncompromising service on every order sets us apart from our competitors. Low prices can sometimes mean that service suffers, but we never fail to deliver. Our customer satisfaction numbers and rates of return business reflect our deep commitment to delivering the best service in the industry.

Between our selection, prices, product quality, and services, we make it easy for you to realize the promotional returns customized headphones can deliver. Request a free quote and see for yourself today.