Custom Medals
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Custom shaped medals are now available and perfect for your sporting event.With awesome customization such as custom molded shapes, stamping with ink fill and even full colour photographic printing.

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Stainless Steel

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Made to any size you require, however 3 & 1/2" is a standard size which many of our clients choose to proceed with.

Branding options available

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Metal finishes available

Metal finishes available

Everything there is to know about custom medals

There could be varied ways of praising the hard work and determination of an individual. One of the best ways is to present them with a medal. This is in the form of an award that is received in the form of metallic object signifying the achievement. It reflects the individual’s commendable work in their respective fields. Several of the manufacturing companies provide the provision of custom medals that can be designed as per the need of the event. These metallic elements hold a high place of pride and value in the lives of the recipient. Hence, it has to be designed for creating the impact. The best way of deriving the best product is to personally get involved in the activity.

The production process of custom molded medals

The service provided by the renowned manufacturers like Promotional Products Center is unparallel. They believe in making everyone a winner in their own way. Hence, they have simplified the whole process of placing the order keeping into consideration the convenience of customers. Individuals can personally get involved in the process by providing the following personal touches:

• Designing - One of the important features to keep in mind is the design. You have the liberty to share your ideas and plan the design of the medal. The design could be either in the form of a logo or an art of work.

• Shape - Another important feature is the shape of the product. Generally, people use sphere shape but there are several other distinctive shapes. You can give a unique look to the product of pride and honor.

• Size - The size varies from 1 ¾” to 6”. It completely depends upon your requirement to pick up the right size. One point to consider is the size must not make the content appear messy.

• Colors - Selecting the appropriate color matters a lot for making it appear spectacular. It is the element for depicting the determination of the individual. Customers can choose from a wide array of colors.

• Neck ribbon - A medal looks incomplete without a neck ribbon. Individuals can take professional help in choosing the right pattern for providing the perfect touch up.

How can you place the order?

It takes only 2-3 weeks for completing an order irrespective of order size with high-quality and great finish. Our customized medals are an excellent way for people to remember their successes at an event or sports carnival. You can even give medals to volunteers to say thanks for an awesome job! It concurrently enhances the reputation of the team, company, or business partners involved in the event too. There are certain suppliers who are proud to hold a huge stock of a single medal style which can be engraved however this isn't our style! We specialize in the complete, custom production of medals and medallions.