Custom Printed Drink Bottles & Sports Bottles

Promotional water bottles offer business owners in America a simple, inexpensive way to promote their products and services. They are not as commonly used as promotional coffee mugs are, but they are more appropriate for certain market segments. Below is our top pick, all time favorite drink bottles which are currently being used by clients of ours all over the USA to promote their brand or raise awareness. As always we offer highly competitive pricing and free artwork services to all who enquire!

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Remember That Printed Bottles are Promo Tools

Custom bottles are a promotional tool, and company names, logos and websites should be visible from a few feet away. While these bottles can help company owners find new clients, they can get non-clients curious about the corporate brand. It is best to think of promotional bottles as billboards that the receiver can use to spread the message wherever they go.

Consider Distribution

When planning an order of custom bottles, the purchaser should think of when and how they will be distributed. Some companies give them out at trade shows while others give them as part of a swag bag at a charity event. The message on the bottle is critical, as is the distribution method. By matching these two components, companies can be remembered for having participated in an event and for the services and products sold.

Quality Counts

It's better to give away 100 quality bottles than 1000 poor-quality ones. While this may seem like a tired cliché, some businesses focus on price at the expense of quality. Promotional products are so effective because they're an inexpensive way for companies to put their name out and because they create a good feeling in those receiving them. If a product does not accomplish these goals, it's useless—and if it leaves receivers with a bad feeling, it can work against the company.

Include a Call to Action

Many things make up a successful campaign using Branded drink bottles, but the last tip is one of the most important. Every bottle should have a call to action, such as an invitation to visit a website, to see a particular page on a site, to call the company's phone number, or to email the company for more information. Printed water bottles are an effective promotional tool when they are used correctly, but poor choices can ruin a marketing campaign. If a California business owner plans to use water bottles as a marketing tool, the tips given here can increase their chances of success.