Custom Cooler Bags With Your Company Logo

Cooler bags! while they might not seem like an item you would brand with your logo, they are actually one of the top three most effective promotional items in the world. We have statistics that show promotional cooler bags and ice bags are highly popular everywhere. Why you ask? They have a massive, flat branding zone, their materials usually offer excellent print adhesion for a super long lasting print and they are carried by people to events, down at the beach, used to carry groceries and they are in prime view of people. For branding awareness there isn't many products that can outdo a handy cooler bag. Get a quote today or give us a call to discuss your next branding campaign.

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Reasons to Use Printed Cooler Bags as Promotional Tools

The business marketplace is very competitive, and companies are continually looking for new ways to get their brands in front of customers. With Printed Cooler Bags, it’s easier for companies to build a memorable brand that stands out from its competitors. Here, company owners will get some tips on using printed bags and other promotional products.

Development of Long-Term Brand Awareness

In a recent study, it was found that 62% of respondents recognized the name and branding of an organization on a promotional product they’d received. Promo products serve to remind customers of a brand with each use, and creativity can improve customer loyalty and relations. Giveaways establish a company’s appreciation and create connections between the business and its customers. When the company’s contact information is added to a promotional item, it ensures the customer will turn to that business first to satisfy their needs. The best promotional products are like business cards, only bigger and more durable.

Good Advertising

Many people work for most of the day in office jobs and other stationary occupations. If a potential or current customer uses a company’s branded gifts, the business gets valuable ad placement—and the customer will think of the company every time they use the item.

Adding Value to a Marketing Message

When a business owner takes time to learn about their target market, they can craft a personalized marketing message. By maximizing the space available on Promotional Cooler Bags and using a memorable logo or design, the business owner can increase the perceived value and desirability of the item. With well-designed promotional items, companies can develop brand awareness and increase the appeal for the target market.

Influencing the Item’s Estimated Value

Most customers do not know how much it costs to produce a promotional product and get it ready for distribution. In fact, most overestimate prices, as guesses are based on the cost of producing one item rather than several. Company owners can use these perceptions advantageously by buying cooler bags and other items in bulk, which lowers the costs per unit. When promotional products are included with merchandise, the total value of a package is increased beyond the promotional product’s cost.

Interaction With Charities and the Community

Sponsoring events and getting involved in the community are effective ways to establish brand recognition and a valuable way to change the public’s perception of a company. Giving away cooler bags at a charity BBQ, for example, can go a long way in building community support for a business.

Employee Incentives

Custom-branded coolers can be a great way to motivate employees or thank them for their hard work. There are many products that employees may perceive as being of high quality that are actually inexpensive for a business to customize. When employees receive promotional items as a thank-you gift, it can increase morale and boost sales.

Gaining a Legion of Brand Ambassadors

Any time a person uses a branded cooler bag, they serve as a mobile advertisement for a business. When practical items such as cooler bags and gym bags are given away, customers serve as brand ambassadors every time they use the item.

Cost-Efficient Advertising

As mentioned earlier, over 60% of recipients remembered information about a company that provided them with a promotional item. The secret to success is to find customers who are more likely to use an item that’s related to the business. When the right segment of the market uses a promotional product, results are more effective and cost-efficient than with other advertising methods.

A Tangible Ad Method

In today’s digital marketplace, most promo items are obtained via a download or promotional code. With that said, many people still want something tangible. When a person gets a giveaway they can touch and feel, it’s perceived as more valuable and interesting than a digital download. Custom items like Promotional Cooler bags can reinforce brand awareness, and people like things they can relate to. When deciding what to give away, a company owner should remember that tangible items are more significant than digital ones.

Every corporate marketing strategy should include promotional items. When combined with efficient marketing, giveaway items add tangible value to ad campaigns and create memorable experiences for current and potential customers.