Plastic Promotional Pens, Single, Multi & Full Color Printed.

Our pen range has been carefully chosen to offer you the best possible selection of pens, from the super affordable giveaway pen to the more premium designs designed to be kept by staff as a gift or daily used item. Pens stick around for years, people never throw them away or discard them and they provide a great branding impression of your company. We extremely competitive prices and a free mockup service so you can actually see what your logo will look like on the item prior to ordering. Browse below and request a quote on your left.

Five Reasons You Should Use Imprinted Pens to Promote Your Business

Every business, no how big or small must consistently find ways to get in front of their target audience and stay top of mind; this is why marketing and promotions are so important in business. But by far one of the most powerful forms of marketing is the type that speaks to your user's subconscious. It's like having a virtual sales person on your team. Promotional pens are such a form of marketing. If you don't think so, here are four reasons you should reconsider promoting your brand with custom imprinted pens.

1 - Promotional Pens Drive Brand Awareness

The great thing about promo pens is that they're both very simple and affordable. Furthermore, the fact that we must use pens on a daily basis means that putting your name and logo on a pen is almost sure to get you noticed. Ultimately, this helps your company stay at the forefront of your audience's mind, and this is what you want if you aim to attract new customers and keep old ones coming back.

2 - Custom Pens Offer Multiple Opportunities to Promote Your Brand

There is a saying in marketing that the more times you expose prospects to your brand the more likely it is that you'll be able to convert that prospect into a customer. In fact, the running consensus seems to be that it takes seven exposures to your call to action before most consumers respond. And given that the average consumer can hold onto a single pen for several months or more, it's no surprise that personalized ink pens offer the perfect opportunity to get your message seen multiple times.

3 - Great Way to Nurture Repeat Business

While customer acquisition costs vary by industry one thing that is certain is that it's costlier to acquire new customers than it is to nurture current customer relationships. Hence, any effort aimed at building up current customer relationships should be encouraged. Promotional pens would easily fall into this category as they are the perfect vehicle for reminding your customers why they did business with you in the first place and drumming up repeat business.

4 - Custom Branded Pens Are Affordable

Let's face it, whether you're a business or a consumer and whether it's IT or marketing, affordability matters. And this is another factor that makes promotional pens so unique among marketing channels. Promo pens are among one of the most affordable mediums around.

5 - Promo Pens Have the Wow Factor

When the discussion centers around marketing one doesn't often expect words like peer pressure to come up. However, the fact of the matter is that even adults want what their peers perceive as 'cool.' And guess what? If your promo pen has the right look, not only does it exhibit all of the qualities above but it is also offers one more - everyone wants it. For example, if you’re at a tradeshow and see several attendees donning the same futuristic pen, the first thing you’re likely to do is to ask which booth they can pick one up at; this is just human nature.

Ready to order your very own promotional pens?

So if you've been on the fence about using promo pens for your marketing, hopefully, this has cleared up all of your concerns. When it comes to getting your message out to the world, there truly aren't many strategies that can compete with the effectiveness of promo pens.