Promotional Mugs & Custom Printed Coffee Cups

Our range of promotional mugs and ceramic coffee cups are all available with your logo in stunning pantone color (max 4 colors) or for unlimited colors try our full color transfer printing which is designed to stand up to some really harsh daily use. They go in dishwashers, they stand up to hot and cold change and they don't chip easily! Try us today for your promotional mugs, simple browse our designs and let us know your preferred style we will help you through the entire ordering process.

Why Promotional Mugs Can Work for Your Brand

It doesn't matter how experienced of a marketing team you lead, introducing new products and services to the market is not easy. Just take, for instance, a task as simple as narrowing down the wide range of marketing channels that you might use to announce your new offerings to just one marketing vehicle -- even this takes time! And bear in mind, we're assuming that you've already set up a decision matrix consisting of pros and cons for each channel.

So today we're going to make the process of choosing a marketing vehicle easy for you, and we'll do that by showing why promotional mugs represent the ideal marketing medium for your business; this is what you need to know about marketing your business with promo mugs.

Promotional Mugs Offer Great Usability

Everyone uses mugs. In fact, we use them in the morning to grab that sip of coffee or tea, which gets us ready for the day and we use them in the evening for hot cocoa and the like. Not only do we use mugs on a regular basis, but even when we aren't using them, we often place them in the most conspicuous of places.

For example, it doesn't matter whose office you visit the chances of you seeing a coffee mug sitting on the individual's desk are very high. So given the amazing utility of coffee mugs it only makes sense that we use them as silent billboards to promote our business right?

Another great thing about promotional mugs is that they're the perfect vehicle for building strong bonds with your clients. Just think about it; is there anything that business professionals enjoy doing more in the morning than grabbing a sip of joe? By virtue your having prospect see your logo everytime they partake in their daily coffee ritual, you gain brand gains a positive association from your promotional coffee mugs.

Furthermore, anyone who happens to glance upon the coffee mug becomes a potential prospect for your brand messaging.

Making Promo Mugs Work for Your Brand

Marketing mugs open up new avenues to expose your brand to new customers. In broadening your reach, they give you the ability to expand market share and take your business to new heights. The best part is that they do all of this, without you or your sales team barely lifting a finger; this is something that you would not ordinarily expect from the typical marketing campaign.

The affordability of promotional mugs ensures that you will achieve ideal results for a minimal investment.  The beauty of it is that the large surface area afforded by promo mugs gives you ample space to share your message. The fact that even one mug will then go on to share your message, so many times makes them a force to contend with indeed.

Can Easily Be Distributed Far and Wide

You can offer promotional mugs at business expos, trade shows, contests and exhibitions, and many other corporate events which makes them very easy to distribute. In addition to external events, promo mugs also make wonderful gifts internally. You can give them to new hires, distribute them as prizes at departmental contests, or just give them to all employees as a show of appreciation.

In closing, custom imprinted mugs represent an incredible avenue for marketing your business. But before you go out and place your next order for promo mugs, be sure to do your due diligence first.

Doing your homework includes mapping out your target audience, assessing your budget, and evaluating potential promotional mug vendors. Doing so can almost certainly result in an efficient marketing campaign for your business.